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Co-chairpersons: Jeff McKinney & John Steber

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Hire and oversee the activities of the Dam Tender
  • Oversee and actively manage the Inspections, Operation and Maintenance Plan
  • Actively manage the Post Lake Emergency Action Plan & keep plan current
  • Flood Plain Plan Updates
  • Bank erosion control (work with Langlade County)
  • Work with the DNR to manage lake levels
  • (Next inspection date 2025)

Schedule for 2021 Season

Nothing scheduled yet!

The Post Lake dam is owned and operated by the Post Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District. Our dam is classified as a Low Hazard Dam and is operated under the direction of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  Lake levels are determined by order of the DNR.

2017 Dam Inspection, Operation, and Maintenance Report

2017 Dam Emergency Action Plan

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