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Chairperson: John Steber

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Work in cooperation with local units of government and organizations associated with Post Lake
  • Work in compliance with WDNR on all matter associated with lake management
  • Remain current with lake management practices and issues (WDNR, Wisconsin Lake Partnership)
  • Maintain awareness of available grants and oversee grant applications
  • Develop, maintain and implement the Post Lake Comprehensive Lake Management Plan (CLMP)
    • Act as the board representative for the development and maintenance of a (CLMP)
    • Work with the WDNR to determine scope & requirements of the (CLMP)
    • Work with the WDNR to update and manage the (CLMP)
    • Develop an RFP for the hiring of a consultant to develop and update the (CLMP) & to write a Lake Management Planning grant application, subject to board approval.
    • Work with consultant to develop and maintain the (CLMP)
    • Grant administration and paper work
    • Conduct lake district survey as required by WDNR

Schedule for 2019 Season

Nothing scheduled yet!

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