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Chairperson: John Raisleger

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provide recommendations to the board for the entire weed harvesting effort with the understanding that all related matters are subject to board approval.
  • Obtain a WDNR Mechanical Weed Harvesting Permit
  • Provide staff recruitment, operational organization, scheduling and training
  • Develop a harvesting plan based on the WDNR Weed Harvesting Permit
  • Develop a plan to address equipment repairs and upkeep
  • Transportation of equipment between storage and the lake (Town of Elcho)
  • Prep harvester docking area, pier, portable restroom, storage facility and access road
  • Coordinate supplies, gas, oil, replacement parts
  • Keep proper records, as per WDNR guidelines.
  • Keep the PLP&RD board informed of activity and plans

Schedule for 2021 Season

  • May thru early June we will be checking over the equipment and performing any scheduled or needed maintenance.  If you have any availability to help, please let me know what dates/times you can help.
  • Mid thru late June we will be placing both the harvester and transporter in as soon as the water level is low enough.  If you can let me know your availability so we can coordinate the launching, it will be helpful.
    1. The landing will need to be checked and preparations made for the equipment including any necessary maintenance
    2. The fuel tank and conveyor will need to be taken to the landing
    3. Equipment will need to be transported to Upper Post and then secured to the landing on Lower Post.
    4. There will be some brief refresher/training sessions
  • Late June thru mid-August  we will be preparing to harvest weeds.  It is not possible to predict how much harvesting is needed but if you can let us know your availability, we can put together a schedule.
  • Late August we will plan on cleaning up the equipment and transporting it back into winter storage. We will need a group of people to accomplish this.


Note:  We are still looking for a person(s) that would want to take on the role of Weed Boss. The responsibilities would include being a local contact for anything that needs attention and other small duties and shared tasks.

Weed Harvester Launching – 2021

All, the harvester was launched 7/13/21. Thank you to all of the residents from the area that volunteered their services to assisted in this effort.   As always, we greatly appreciate the services the Town of Elcho provided by sending their crew to transport the equipment to the lake. The presence of weeds is not significant. However it is good to run the equipment to keep it in operating order. If you have any time that you would be available to learn/ run the harvester, let me know.

Once, again, thank you!  John Raisleger

Weed Harvester Launching – June 23, 2020
The harvester, conveyor and fuel tank are all setup on lower Post Lake. There were some equipment problems and the crew did not get the transport in. That will be done  in July.  There did not appear to be a lot of weed growth at the time of the launching.
Thanks to the town crew for hauling the harvester to the lake from the storage unit in Elcho.
Thanks to our volunteers!

A new tool shed to store weed harvesting equipment and supplies.

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